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Going Brazilian... (No silly, not that one)

Brazil Churrascaria

I got to admit, I am no carnivore and I am absolutely fine with consuming vegetables sans meat. So how else could I have prepared myself for a high protein, flesh ripping meal at Brazil Churrascaria? The answer's quite simple really. I guess all you need is some guts and a big appetite.

Now, I've heard loads about the restaurant. It's known for being a glorious haven for meat-lovers young and old. For the uninitiated, Churrascaria translates to Brazilian barbecue. What's the deal you ask? Well it involves large portions of marinated beef, pork and poultry grilled on long skewers over an open fire pit. One of Brazil's most famous cuisines, the Churrascaria is a fun concept, that is, if you don't mind the unlimited amount of meat filling up your stomach.

The first thing I noticed upon stepping into the restaurant, was how lively the place was. Diners were seen chatting away happily, clinking wine glasses and having a few laughs. Then there were the passadors. Ah yes, those friendly people seen circling the restaurant the entire night. These people are responsible for bringing the meat to your table and carving slices of it onto your plate. It's akin to having your own personal waiter, seriously! I won't deny that I loved having the meat cut directly onto my plate by observant and attentive passadors who actually remember what meat you prefer or don't fancy. Talk about quality service.

In case you didn't know, there are 15 different choices of meat available. These grilled meats are all marinated in traditional 40-year-old recipes and cooked to perfection. I shouldn't spoil the fun and narrate the entire list of meats but here's a few, just to whet your appetite - beef rump, snowfish, chicken heart, lamb shoulder and beef tenderloin. My oh my, it was a feat; racing through time, chewing and chewing the meat and trying to fit all different cuts into my expandable tummy.

M-E-A-T. That was certainly the highlight of the day but if you are a vegetarian, you need not worry because there's actually a hot and cold vegetable buffet bar.

Diners can simply help themselves to the selection of salads, rice, pasta, potatoes and hot vegetables. Try the Feijoada, a Brazilian speciality dish made from black beans. I certainly found it refreshing to pause and have some greens before moving on to the next slice of meat.

Oooh, how can I forget to mention the grilled pineapple served in between helps get you back on track after so much meat. Simply yummy. It has a caramelized 'crust' due to the sugar coating and it's sweet but yet refreshing.

My chomping and chewing went on till you could almost see me waving a white flag. At the end of the extended meal, I felt full but contented. The meats were succulent and fresh and tasted so good that I felt almost sorry I couldn't taste every thing though I did try to; well almost. Anyway I find it hard to point out a particular favourite. Everything tasted too good.

All great things must come to an end, but should finish off on a sweet note and it did, for me - the crème brulee that is. Creamy and flavourful, it was just the right texture and the sugar crust was perfect. I'm still dreaming about it as I type this!

Oh how then would I sum up my visit to such an establishment that has made a name for itself (since 1994) all these years? Let's just say that it's no different from a kid going into a candy shop and being told she could have any sweet she wanted. Yep, I kid you not. Don't believe me? Then go see for yourself.

Check out Brazil Churrascaria at 14/16 Sixth Avenue, Singapore, 267467, 6.00pm to 10.00pm Daily, Tel: +65 6463 1923