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Satay King

Satay King Still the king!

Satay KingOne of the most recent entries at Clarke Quay is the old satay club, rechristened Satay King. Malaysian cuisine obviously is its reason for being, but because ethnic Indians and Chinese are large segments of Malaysia’s population (and, it would follow, major culinary influences), the menu incorporates many dishes from those traditions.

Satay King has definitely upscaled itself, being larger than is typical and possessed of a sort of clubby/sports-bar feel thanks to plasma screens and a dedicated lounge area.

The chicken fried rice is as flavourful as ever and was delicious, the chicken tender and be forwarned, the dish is a meal in itself. Quite nice. Of course we had to try the house satay, choosing a combo of chicken, lamb and beef with the requisite peanut sauce.

Satay King’s skewered satay is much thicker than the ultra-thin strips we’ve usually encountered, and because the meats were so tender and moist, we liked it better that way.

When word-of-mouth about the return of Satay King starts to spread, it will no doubt find a prominent place in our culinary melting pot. And the best part is he’s still open late, still has the same great price, and is still the king!

3B River Valley Rd #01-06/07 The Foundry, Clarke Quay, +65 6337 6201